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Light Sources

A partial list of the available light sources in MOL is given below.

Ti-sapphire laser

Wave length : 650~1100nm (tunable)

repetition rate 76MHZ

CW and pulsed(mode lock) operation

Ti:sapphire laser, is a ultrafast laser used for mode-locked laser emitting ultrafast pulses with durations down to several femtoseconds.

Generally, Ti:sapphire, a crystal of sapphire (Al2O3) that doped with titanium ions is a lasing medium, which is pumped with a green laser, as argon-ion lasers (514.5 nm) and sometimes frequency –doubled lasers are used, which makes the system complex.

 It is  tunable laser and wavelength ranges from 650 to 1100 nanometers. The average output power of typically hundreds of milliwatts and repetition rate of 80 MHz..

Coherent Mira Optical Parametric Oscillator

Please click here for details.


Picosecond LDH series pulsed diode laser sources

Wavelengths: 470 nm, 635 nm and 705 nm


PDL800D (Diode laser driver)

Pulsed and cw operation

Selectable repetition rates from 31.25kHZ to 80 mHz.

Laser pulse energy adjustable via driver unit.

Laser heads from 375 to 1550 nm, LED head from 255 to 600 nm.

External trigger/Sync output.