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A partial list of the available detectors in MOL is given below.


Varieties of photodiodes are available in the laboratory which includes:

1. Si Switchable Gain Detectors (PDA36A fromo Thorlabs, 350-1100 nm, 10 MHz BW, 13 mm2), 

2. Large-Area Balanced Amplified Photodetectors (PBD210 C/M from Thorlabs, InGaAs, 800-1700 nm),

3. Biased Si Detectors (DET 36A from Thorlabs, 350-1100 nm, 14 ns Rise Time, 13 mm2),

4. Biased High Speed Si Detectors (DET10A from Thorlabs, 200-1100 nm, 1 ns Rise Time, 0.8 mm2) etc.

Photon Counting Detectors

The PMA detector is a single photon sensitive, fully integrated, fast time response and low noise photon sensor. The PMA integrates a fast Photomultiplier Tube (PMT), a high voltage power supply and a pre-amplifier. Thermoelectric cooling and automatic overload protection are available as an option.


High Speed Hybrid Detector for TCSPC

HPM series High Speed Hybrid Detector for TCSPC from B&H.


Single Photon Avalanche Diodes

PDM series photon counting detectors from Picoquant having timing resolution down to < 50 ps (FWHM)