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Former Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr.Vladimir Ghukasyan

Duration: 2004-2010

Current position: 3D Imaging Specialist, Carl Zeiss

Contact: v.gukassyan 'at'


Dr. JianjunQiu (邱建军)

Duration: 2010-2013

Current position: Algorithm Engineer, Sonoscape Medical Corp.

Contact: qiujj 'at', hustqjj 'at'

Dr. Gitanjal Deka

Duration: 2014-2015

Current position: Postdoctoral fellow, National Taiwan University.

Contact: gitanjal 'at' 


Po-Yen Lin

Duration: 2006-2012

Current Position: Lab manager, Imaging core facility, Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology , Academia Sinica.

Contact: pylin 'at'


Tatyana Buryakina

Graduation: 2008-2012

Thesis title:" Monitoring cell energy metabolism upon infection with wild-type bacteria by means of NADH fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy"

Contact: tanya.buryakina 'at'


Nirmal Mazumder

Duration: 2009-2013

Thesis title: Molecular structure with multiple modality optical microscopy 

Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biophysics, School of Life Sciences, Manipal University, India. 

Contact: nirmaluva 'at' 


Gitanjal Deka

Duration: 2009-2014

Thesis title: Florescence lifetime imaging microscopy of migrating cells in response to geometrical constrains in vitro and noninvasive wound healing in vivo.

Current Position: Postdoctoral fellow, National Taiwan University.

Contact: gitanjal 'at' 


Lu, Ming Kuan (盧明寬)


Ph.D.Thesis title: Fiber Based Novel Light Sources for Surgery and Endoscopy.

Current Position: Researcher at Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories.

Contact: lupincu 'at'

masters students

Ho Bo Wei (何柏緯)

Duration: 2015-2017

Chen Zhan-Yu (陳湛於)

Duration: 2015-2017

I-Che Chen (陳逸哲)

Duration: 2014-2016

 Hsin-Yu Lin (林欣諭)

Duration: 2014-2016

Yu Chun Hui (游淳惠)

Duration: 2013-2015